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Year 6/7


Welcome to Year 6 and 7!


Welcome to our class page! We hope you enjoy looking at all the fun activities we are taking part in this year. We will be updating our page regularly so come back and visit again blush

Plants and Animals

Our WAU topic this term is 'Plants and Animals'. We have enjoyed searching our school grounds for a wide variety of plants and animals! Look at what we found. 

We presented our findings on our new i-pads using the Pic Collage app.

Accelerated Reader Winners - Treasure Hunt

Well done to all our Accelerated Reader winners for Term 2A & 2B! They had great fun competing in the Treasure Hunt around the school grounds!

Winter Art


Investigating the melting process.

This week we had fun investigating what conditions would affect how quickly iceburgs melt. We changed the size and shape of the iceburgs, as well as changing the water temperature. 

Term 1a Accelerated Reader Winners!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Well done to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners this term! They earned a well deserved cinema party with popcorn and sweet treats!! ๐ŸŽ‰ 

Remembrance Day Art

Autumn Clean Up ๐Ÿงน 

Tin Foil Boats!

Miss Briggs challenged us to make a boat from only tin foil, which would hold as many 2p coins as possible before sinking.

Hot Seating!

We have been researching the passengers who sailed on the Titanic. We each took on the role of one of the passengers onboard and explored their experiences, from different perspectives.

Kenneth Shoesmith Art

Enjoying P.E with Andy!

We have loved having Andy with us this term and learning new skills each week.

Art - Titanic Portholes

We each designed our own porthole for our Titanic notice board. We enjoyed imagining all the things the guests could see from the portholes on the Titanic back, when it first sailed.

Writing Instructions

We have been learning about imperative verbs and how to use them to write clear instructions. We have had great fun this week writing instructions on how to make an adult cross! smiley

Planting Bulbs with Mrs McMenemy!

We had great fun today with Andy from the IFA! We are looking forward to all his P.E lessons during Term 1!

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