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Year 6-7

Welcome to Year 6 and 7!

School Year 2018-2019

Term 3 Accelerated Reader Water Fight!

Well done to all the boys and girls who reached all 3 of their Accelerated Reader targets in Term 3! We had great fun getting soaked!

Eason Spelling Bee

Well done to the County Armagh winner of the Eason Spelling Bee who will now take part in the Finals at the end of May!

STEM Challenge!

Well done to the boys on the Derryhale Team who came joint 1st in the STEM Challenge Heats held this week in Armagh. The boys were given limited resources to plan and design a vehicle which could carry a cream egg safety down a ramp and into the designated safe area. The boys worked so well as a team, using their problem solving skills during the testing time to make improvements to their vehicle and add finishing touches.

World Book Day

We had such a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day! Well done to all the children in Year 6 & 7 who put so much effort into every single story box that they created at home. We were all very excited to share our story boxes with our friends. Below you will see all of our creative boxes.

Morning on the Hill

Today we visited both Cathedrals in Armagh City to explore colour and design in a range of stained glass windows for our joint art project with St Oliver Plunkett's. We are excited to begin designing our own stained glass windows using all the photographs we have taken on our I-pads.

Making a start on our stained glass windows.

Money Week!

During Money Week we were very busy running our tuck shop and organising the Bring and Buy sale. We also took part in lots of fun activities in class including designing our own Eco Super Hero to help save us all money and we held a competition to see who could make a Tin Foil boat to hold the most amount of Money before sinking. Well done to the boys who designed a boat able to hold £16 worth of 10p pieces.

Volleyball with Giant Leap Sports Coaching!

We are really enjoying our Friday afternoons at the moment as Callum from Giant Leap Sports Coaching has been coming in to teach us how to play volleyball. We are learning lots of new skills and are having great fun playing competitions with our friends. Look out for the Players of the Week below. 

Term 1B Accelerated Reader Winners!! 

Well done to the boys and girls in Year 6 who worked super hard all term and reached all 3 of their Accelerated Reader Targets. They really enjoyed celebrating at the Ice Cream Party!

Trip to Kingspan Stadium.

The boys and girls enjoyed a tour around Kingspan Stadium and were very excited to train with some of the Ulster Rugby team. We all had a great day and learned loads of new skills.

Tandragee Recreation Centre Winners!

Well done to the football team who won the Tandragee Recreation Centre Football Competition this year!

Fantasy Stories and Game Making.

In Term 1 we enjoyed writing our Fantasy Stories. At the end of the topic we used the Sketchnation app on the Ipads to bring our stories to life and create a game that others could play. We had so much fun making our games and were surprised that we were able to create something so amazing!

Here our some screenshots of our games.

Learning with St Oliver Plunkett's Primary School.

This year we started our joint sessions with a fun day playing loads of fun team games at St Oliver Plunkett's. We are excited for all we are going to learn this year with our new friends.

Harvest Assembly- Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to celebrate Harvest with us on Friday 26th October.

Well Done Boys! no

Well done to the Derryhale boys who took part in the Evo Soccer School Football Competition in Banbridge last Thursday. The boys played so well as a team and were the FA Joint Cup Winners along with Fair Hill Primary School! What a fantastic start to the year!  

Learning new skills and having fun at the Football Warehouse with Mr Willis.


This term we are learning all about the Victorian Times. To begin our topic we completed research in groups to find about Victorian clothing and then designed our own Victorian outfits from scrap materials and toilet roll paper! We had such fun modelling our unique designs on our own catwalk. Check out our great designs in the photographs below!

Victorian Toys

Music for All

This year, Year 6 & 7 are working with St Oliver Plunkett’s Primary School to learn how to play the tin whistle. We will be having a big performance at the end of the year. Below are some photographs of our team building day and also special visitors we have had into school to teach us about different musical instruments. 

Writing Instructions!

In September we have been writing a range of instructions. At the end of the topic we worked in groups to design board games and write clear instructions for them. We had lots of fun following the great instructions and playing each of the different board games.

Hockey at Edenvilla

We are really enjoying going to Edenvilla Pitch every friday afternoon, to learn new hockey skills and play exciting matches with our friends. smiley

School Year 2017 - 2018

Writing Instructions in Literacy

We have been learning how to write clear instructions. We challenged our friends to make a paper plane by following our own written instructions. How many planes looked liked the originals?

Investigating Light

In our World Around Us Topic we have been exploring the importance of light and how without light we cannot see or be seen.

We used shoe boxes to represent rooms and tested how we could see different objects in them, under a range of different situations. Here we are testing how well we could see each object.

Vincent Van Gogh

During Art we have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and looking at some of his work. We have started creating some of our own versions of his famous pieces. Check out our work below.

Class Sunflower using oil pastels

Self Portraits Vincent Van Gogh Style

Shared Education

We met up with our friends from St Oliver Plunkett's for the first time this school year! In groups we were set a challenge to plan and build a sturdy tower using only marshmallows and spaghetti! See how we completed the challenge in the photographs below.

Stem Lesson Day 1- Making a Wind Turbine

Hockey at Edenvilla

We have really enjoyed going to Edenvilla Pitch every friday afternoon, to learn new hockey skills and play exciting matches with our friends. smiley

Football at Portadown Warehouse

Some of the boys have been learning new football skills at the Warehouse and have been having loads of fun playing team matches. Check out what we have been up to below.