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Year 5/6

Welcome to Year 5/6!


We planned and carried out an investigation to find out which conditions affect how quickly icebergs melt. We changed the size and shape of icebergs as well as the temperature of the water.

Accelerated Reader winners for our first term! These boys and girls are setting such a good example to the rest of the class. Keep up this excellent effort!

What a fantastic Lego Titanic! This clever girl built it independently at home and wanted to share it with our class.

Exploring 3D Shapes. We have been learning the names, properties and nets of 3D shapes. We had great fun making 3D shapes with spaghetti and marshmallows!

We are thankful to have a flautist in our class. We enjoyed listening to 'Ode to joy'!

We tested our boats today. The longer, sturdier boat stayed afloat the longest with the most coins. We will adapt our designs and try to make our boats unsinkable!

We had to design and build a boat strong enough to hold as many 2p coins as possible using only tinfoil!

Exploring Symmetry. We were given the challenge to collect natural materials from outside and arrange them symmetrically. We worked in pairs to discuss our ideas and create a symmetrical layout. Look at our fabulous creations!

We also enjoyed making symmetrical designs by cutting out 2D shapes and marking on the lines of symmetry.

We researched a variety of people's experiences who travelled on the Titanic, such as the accommodation, food and cost of ticket. Then we used our imagination to think of interesting questions we would like to ask other 'passengers' to find out how their experience differed. We had great fun using 'hot-seating'. We took it in turns to pretend to be the person we researched while the others in the class interviewed us!

P.E. with Andy. Each week we enjoy taking part in P.E. with Andy from the IFA. We learn lots of new skills through a wide range of sporting activities.

Having learned about the features of clearly written instructions this week, we followed the steps in a recipe to make chocolate coconut balls. They were delicious!

We have been studying the art of Kenneth Shoesmith as part of our Titanic topic. He designed posters for 'White Star Line'. We used watercolours as a backdrop for our own Titanic themed posters.

We really enjoyed developing our throwing skills. We set up seven different stations to practise underarm and overarm throwing.

We have been linking our tables to division this week and learning how to work out remainders. These games help us to use our new skills!

We are so glad to be back at school together!