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Year 4-5

Welcome to Year 4-5!

Welcome to our busy classroom!  We hope to show you what goes on in our room.  Enjoy looking at photos of activities and events throughout the school year. smiley


We painted and varnished our mini beasts. They turned out really well!

We are making a Minibeast of our choice using clay. Keep watching this page to see our final creations!
We have started our new topic of 'Minibeasts'. We went on a Minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We found so many!

Accelerated Reader- Year 4 won the class party this term! We had an Easter Egg hunt and lots of treats! Well done boys and girls!

Today our friends from St. Oliver Plunkett's came over so we could see each others' gargoyles and paint them. They looked really authentic! We can't wait to show them off at our shared art exhibition in May.

We worked in groups to perform the poem we have been studying this week- 'The Bogeyman' by Jack Prelutsky. We added our own ideas to enhance the meaning and rhythm of the poem.

As part of our 'What a waste' topic, we wanted to find out how much waste we collected throughout school during a whole day. We then sorted the waste in different categories.

We have been designing and making clay gargoyles as part of our Shared Education programme. It takes a lot of concentration!

WORLD BOOK DAY 2019- The boys and girls made a 'book in a box' based on a book they had read. They were so imaginative and really enjoyed this creative challenge!

As part of our 'Rescue at Sea' topic, we made lighthouses then built circuits to light the bulbs. It was really good fun!

We followed instructions to make reindeer napkin holders for our Christmas dinner!

We have been learning Highland Dancing. Kathryn from Ulster Scots comes every Thursday to teach us new skills. We love dancing with swords and the music is fantastic!

We had to design and build towers with our friends from St. Oliver Plunkett's. They had to be a metre high- it was quite a challenge! We worked in teams and helped each other to make sure we had a firm foundation and base. It was great fun strengthening our towers and our friendships!

We have been using IPads to make our WW2 stories come to life. We loved using the Chatterpix app to develop our characters. It was so much fun!

We made model WW2 fighter planes out of paper and then tested them. We added a paper clip and some blue tac to the front to see if this would make them fly better. We had such fun seeing how far they could travel!

We followed a wartime recipe to make carrot cookies. We were surprised at how the carrot sweetened the cookies! They were very tasty!

These clever readers followed instructions in their reading book to make caterpillars. Didn't they do a good job?

We had a wonderful morning at Armagh County Museum, finding out about life in World War 2. We loved hearing the air raid siren and making our own gas masks!


Today we welcomed Andy from Lough Neagh Discovery Centre. We explored different types of birds, looked at taxidermy and used binoculars to look for birds in our school garden. We also made bird feeders. We loved sharing our enthusiasm about birds!

Shared Education 

February 2018- We worked together to design kites after researching designs online. We can't wait to test them next time. We hope they will fly!

January 2018- We had another brilliant day working with our friends from St. Oliver Plunkett's to design and make parachutes that could land without breaking the egg it carried. It was great fun testing them from a height to see if they would take flight!

November 2017- We had a wonderful morning working with our friends from St. Oliver Plunkett's. Working together, we engineered our own racing cars using wheels, axles, batteries, crocodile clips and motors! At the end of the session we had a race to see which of our cars was the fastest. We timed how fast they could travel 2 metres. The fastest car was made by Cormac & Richard and it covered the track in 2.14 seconds. We enjoyed working together today and can’t wait to do it again soon.

The RNLI visited us to teach us about staying safe at the seaside.

We made lighthouses after learning about the story of Grace Darling in our 'Rescue at Sea' topic. We really enjoyed making circuits to light our bulbs!

We made Christmas waistcoats. We had to use measuring tapes to ensure they fitted us- and a lot of trial and error! We decorated them with symmetrical patterns, Aren't they smart?!

Testing our World War Two Fighter Planes.

We designed and made Anderson Shelters.

We used a WW2 recipe to make carrot cookies.

We collected the utensils.
We measured out the ingredients.
We 'creamed' the sugar and margarine together.
We grated the carrots.
We added the carrots to the mixture.
We had to stir all the ingredients together.
Everyone had a job to do!
Finally our cookies were ready to go into the oven

Our carrot cookies were delicious!


We went to Tesco to find out about bread. We had a wonderful time and learned a lot!

Bird watching in our school garden.

As part of Chinese New Year celebrations, red envelopes are given to children containing money.  Year 4 and 5 did an investigation to find out how to make a penny shiny look like new.

Investigating circuits

Identifying our main internal organs

Our trip to Parkanaur with St. Jarlath's to learn about Minibeasts habitats. We had an amazing day!

This year we have been part of the 'Pathways Music Project'. We each learn an instrument including clarinet, trombone, cornet, trumpet, baritone and saxophone. Our class was asked to play at the 'Musicmakers' annual concert.

Joe from 'The Gathering Drum' came to show us drums from around the world. We enjoyed learning different rhythms and how the drums have a variety of sounds.

We are learning about World War Two this term.

Check out these websites for more fun activities and learning:



We learned about how food was rationed during WW2. We decided to make carrot cookies using rationed ingredients. They were delicious!

We followed instructions to make gas masks. We were so pleased with how they turned out!


Pathways Music Project

The brass players
The brass players
The trumpet players
Trombones and trumpet
Whole class ensemble
Clarinet players

Year 4 and Year 6 visit to Portadown Library October 2013

Finding out about how to use the library
Listening to a story
Choosing books
What a choice!
Some quiet reading time
Borrowing books

If you would like more information about using the library, please click here.

Our trip to see Joseph at the Grand Opera House in Belfast

Just arrived at the station!
Waiting for the train
Travelling on the train
The Grand Opera House
The Grand Opera House
The Grand Opera House
Ready to start the show!