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Year 4-5

Welcome to Year 4-5!

Welcome to our busy classroom!  We hope to show you what goes on in our room.  Enjoy looking at photos of activities and events throughout the school year. smiley


We enjoyed hosting Noreen from Lough Neagh Discovery Centre as she helped us learn more about birds. We used binoculars to birdwatch within our school garden then made bird feeders with recyclable mterials. We thoroughly enjoyed extending our learning within this topic!

We had a fantastic day at the Millennium Court Arts Centre taking part in three different workshops. One was living history where we learned what it was like for children during World War Two. We made kites and found out about traditional games then lastly tasted honey from our local area. We had a great time learning in such a fun, practical way!

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week. We enjoyed making tangram puzzles- using all seven pieces was a challenge!

Year 5 won the Accelerated Reader class prize this term. They enjoyed pizza, making cookies and party games! It was definitely worth all the hard work!

We worked in pairs to write reports to upload onto C2k Newsdesk. We really enjoy reading and commenting on the articles and videos so hope our reports will be published online!

Year 5 were playing 'closest to 100' to practise subtraction.

We really enjoyed welcoming these visitors to our classroom today! A tortoise, a gecko and a snake. We learned a lot about reptiles and amphibians!

This snake skin was recently shed from a large corn snake. What a beautiful design!

Year 5 estimated and measured the area of a variety of leaves from our school garden.

Year 4 were learning about tiling patterns. We went on a tiling shape hunt around school to find examples.

Year 4 were learning about symmetrical patterns. They enjoyed challenging their friends to draw a mirror image of the pattern on whiteboards.

We are learning about E-safety- watch this video to remind you how to keep safe online.

NetSmartzKids - Clicky's Netsmartz Generation

The song is an empowering lesson for children about not sharing personal information and reporting bad behaviour online.