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Year 3/4

A big Welcome to all our new pupils in year 3 & 4 for September 2022.....please see our class welcome and resource page below

Welcome to year 3 & 4

We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun things we get up to! We enjoy learning in lots of practical ways.  

Taking Numeracy Outside

Outdoor Art - Drawing Living Things

Construction, play and craft

Welcome Back Everyone- Spring has sprung and we're all back together

We had great fun playing games and dancing at our Christmas Party. Mrs Leckey made us a special lunch. We all really enjoyed ourselves! 

Year 4 have been learning the properties of 3D shapes.  They enjoyed using spaghetti and blue-tac to build shapes.  It was very tricky; we had to explore lots of ways to make each shape.  

Term 1a Accelerated Reader Winners!!

Well done to our winners this term! They enjoyed choosing a prize from the lucky dip box!

Year 3 have been using the cuisenaire rods to learn number bonds. This helped us to practically see the story of 10. 

Year 3 have been revising number bonds.

We are working hard learning the story of 10! 

Literacy games-  We love playing games to learn new things and to develop our literacy skills!
We have been learning to tell the time correctly. We all enjoyed the challenge of making a clock face and learning about 5 minute intervals. 
We had a great work-out during our PE session with Andy from IFA.  We are looking forward to his sessions each week.