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Year 1/2

A big Welcome to all our new pupils in Year 1 & 2 for September 2022!

Please see our class welcome and resource page below. 


Welcome to the class of 2020/2021!

We look forward to sharing lots of photographs with you throughout the school year. Enjoy having a look at some of the fun activities we do to support our learning across the curriculum. 


Welcome to Y1&2 Letter for Term 1 2021

Spring Scavenger Hunt

8th MARCH FIRST DAY BACK TO SCHOOL! We had such fun returning to school today and playing with our friends.

Look at the beautiful Christmas Cards Year1/2 created in class!

Enjoy having a look at some of the photographs taken at our Y1-4 Christmas party this week. We had so much fun joining in the games and dancing to the Christmas music with our friends. 🎄🎄🎄

Y1 went out to our sensory garden to look for pictures beginning with 's'. They found lots!

Y2 have been developing their ICT skills by programming Beebots to move from one shape to another.

Autumn art and an opportunity to develop our scissor skills 😊

We all had great fun creating our unique elephant designs and jungle leaves for our Elmer display board.

Y2 pupils have been investigating capacity. They enjoyed predicting and testing to find out which containers hold more water.

Y1 pupils have been exploring patterns using various resources, including natural materials from outdoors.

Friday Treat! Having worked hard all week Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a little treat before home time on Friday!

Learning through Play! Playtime is always FUNTIME in the Y1/2 classroom. Here are a selection of photographs from the first few weeks of term.

Year 1 had great fun learning how to write numbers and make sets of 1 and 2.

Having fun with phonics! Year 2 children love playing Literacy games both inside the classroom and outdoors to help them remember letter names and sounds.

P.E with Andy. We all enjoyed taking part in our first session of P.E. with Andy from the IFA. We are all looking forward to his weekly visits.

Humpty Dumpty! Y1&2 enjoyed putting Humpty together again during craft this week.

Music Time. Y1 had great fun using the instruments to accompany their nursery rhyme session.

Colour Detectives! Y1 had great fun outdoors learning to identify colours in our environment. They became colour detectives and thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience.

New Y1 intake! We have been very excited to welcome our new Y1 pupils to school. They have been very busy getting to know each other and making new friends. Y1 enjoyed talking to Mrs McBride about what they want to be when they grow up!