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Our Shiny Penny Experiment

In the Chinese New Year tradition red envelopes are given to children containing money.  We carried out an investigation to find out how to make a dull penny look shiny and new.  In our photos you will see us collecting our materials and apparatus, predicting what might happen during the experiment, carrying out a fair test, recording results and drawing conclusions. 

We decorated our classroom beautifully for Chinese New Year.  We made dragons, ornaments and lanterns.

We have found out so much about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated including the 'Lantern Festival'. 

We carried out an investigation - How to get a light bulb to light up!  Each group was given a bulb, a bulb holder, two wires, batteries and a battery holder.  We had to work out how these items need to be arranged in order to get the bulb to light.

We then extended our investigation by testing various objects to find out which are conductors and which are insulators. 

A shaduf is a hand operated device used for lifting water out of a well or reservoir. It was invented by the Ancient Egyptians.

Everyone is Year 4 and Year 5 designed and made their own shaduf.  The pupils then tested their shaduf and looked at others to investigate which materials and designs were most successful.

We followed instructions and used art straws and string to make an Ancient Egyptian reed boat.  We had great fun working in pairs.