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Holiday List - 2020/2021 (Rev)

School Hours


We encourage our pupils to be punctual.


The school day starts for all pupils at 8.45am.


Doors open at 8.30am (Please note no pupils should be on the school premises before 8.30am.)


Finishing times are as follows:


Years1-3             1.40pm



Year 4-7              2.40pm

School Uniform

(available from Ivan Jamesons, Portadown




                           Grey Pinafore/skirt                  Red tie

                           White blouse                           White socks / red or black tights

                           Red cardigan                          Black shoes

                           Red gingham dress               (optional during warm weather)                 



                           Grey trousers                          Red tie

                           Grey shirt                                Grey socks

                           Grey pullover                           Black shoes

                           Grey shorts                             (optional during warm weather)


                           PE (All)  White polo shirt         Shorts (Red, white or black)  Plimsolls                          


                           School tracksuits should be worn on PE and swimming days only.

P.E. Days


Year 1/2- Tuesday



Year 3/4- Tuesday



Year 5/6- Tuesday



Year 6/7- Tuesday