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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Teachers 1 Mrs J. McMenemy Principal/ Year 3
Teachers 2 Mrs M. McCallen Year 1&2
Teachers 3 Mrs S. Vallelly Year 4&5
Teachers 4 Mrs J. McBride Year 1/2 & Y4/5
Teachers 5 Mrs T Emerson Year 6&7
Teachers 6 Mrs J. Wright Principal Release Teacher

Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants 1 Mrs L. Vennard
Classroom Assistants 2 Miss H. Leckey
Classroom Assistants 3 Mrs G. Dowdeswell


Secretary 1 Mrs S. Rodgers

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen  Staff 1 Mrs G. Leckey
Kitchen  Staff 2 Ms. G. Telford

Board of Governors


Chairman - Mr David Blevins


Vice Chairman - Mrs Rosalind Henderson


Board Representative - Mrs Rosalind Henderson


Board Representative - Mrs Laura Blakeman


Parent Representative - Mr Michael Willis


Parent Representative - Mr David Blevins


Teacher Representative - Mrs T Emerson


Transferors - Mrs Joy Crawford


Transferors - Mrs Cassandra Balkwill


Transferors - Mr Ian Sloan


Transferors - Rev Rosie Diffin


Principal / Secretary- Mrs Joan McMenemy